I can't believe this.

Hey everyone, just want to write a quick post today.

I went to work the other day and one of the girls is an Avon representative! Me and my mom have been trying to find someone who does it for ages. Arghhh I'm so excited cause we really love Avon but we haven't been able to get anything for a long time. I know that we could have gone online but it is a lot nicer looking in the book. As soon as the order comes I am going to share what we both got and how much each item was (it's so cheap).

My mom used to always get Avon products until the representative she used decided to just leave 😢
I don't think that she has really gotten any really good makeup since then so I think when I brought the book home she was really happy happy just to get her old makeup back. Aww bless her.

If you use or used Avon makeup let me know what you think to the products and what you use.

Many thanks everyone,

HailsExclusive xoxox

Online Shopping??

Everyone knows the normal online clothes sites, boohoo, new look, forever 21 and my favourite...... Everything5pound.com.
As my wardrobe currently needs a massive update I thought that over the next few weeks I would place a few different orders on these sites and see that I can get for a good price.

I am going to start with New Look. My mom recently told me that if you buy something online you can return anything back to your local store if it doesn't fit. Well that saves the hassle of trying to post it all back if it's no good hehe. I think that I have always loved the clothes from here. But some items can be far to expensive for my liking, that's why I have gone to cheaper shops.

Dresses. I have to say that I don't wear them much anymore but I have started wearing them at home. Leggings are my favourite to wear with them, they just look so amazing together.

Trousers. I don't really have many trousers. I do though have my favourite light blue skinny jeans, when I wear them they are so nice with a short top and a long cardigan.

When I do place these orders, I will be rating the sites on how easy it was to shop around.
From saying how I found viewing the items was, end payment and the delivery.
I will also be making a video on opening my package and viewing the items first time.

Thanks for reading, hope you have enjoyed this post xox

HailsExclusive xxx

Can't Believe I Gave Up On This Page

I think it is finally time to tell you all why I deleted this blog. Over the short period of time before hitting delete I tried to start writing again to see if it would finally give me something else todo with my spare time. I didn't end up writing an awful lot and I am so sorry for that. 

I have official now started a fresh chapter and I am going to do whatever it takes to ensure that I am going to stick to this with all my heart. 

I hope that anyone reading this can please forgive me for not posting in ages. 

On a high note I do have a few new makeup products I would like to share tips on and I am currently trying to experiment with making my own dinners at home so that I can start to live a more healthier eating lifestyle. I would also like to tell you more about a 30 day fitness challenge I am going to be starting. SOOO much to look forward to. 

Thanks for reading, 

Hails xoxox 

Getting Ready With Me

Hey everyone,

I don't know if some of you know that a while back I made a video on what was in my makeup bag. Well, that video seemed to be viewed by quite a lot of people. I didn't know that people actually wanted to watch it, thank you everyone xx

The other day while I was going to get ready, I thought maybe I should film it and see what it looks like and I really can't wait to share it with you all.

I do say in the video that I will be posting photos of the things I use on here and explaining them all for you. Lets get started-

GETTING READY WITH ME This is my everyday quick look.

A few weeks ago I decided to buy myself my very own makeup table with a mirror. I found this one on Ebay and I only paid around £77 for it. Super good bargin don't you think?? It was also just the right size to fit in my room next to my bed. Looking at all the other dressing tables on sites this was the only one that seemed to just be perfect for me. It has two small draws attached to the mirror and a large thin draw underneath. It has just the right amount of space to hold all of my makeup that I use. 

1)  One of the first things I like to start of doing is just getting out all the makeup I'm going to use. This helps me to see which piece of makeup I'm going to use next. I normally start by applying my foundation to help cover all my spots. Yes I do in fact hate the thought of having spots most of the time, I think some people will agree. The foundation I use I have found is one of the best for my type of skin. I know that everyone will be different, but this is by far such an amazing foundation. I love it. I always by this from the House of Fraser in Birmingham, it normally costs around £37 for one bottle. 

2) I always then move on to applying on my powder. I have found over the last few years that the Natural Collection powder is the best for my skin, I know know my I like it so much because it doesn't always last that long. Oh well. This probably isn't the best photo of it but you can see how much I have used it over the past few months. You can buy this from any local Boots store for around £1.99.

3) Mascara. I can't not love this. For some reason any other mascara that I have tried I don't seem to like or it just doesn't look right. As I say in the video, I don't really have that many eyelashes. To try and find something that works well and really shows the only ones I have, this works best for me. The only place I have been able to find this is in a store called B&M in Stafford. It only costed me about £2 for one. (I ended up buying 5 all in one go).

4) Eyeliner, I love all my eyeliners but this is by far my favourite. I got this for christmas so I don't really know how much it is or where to find it. But I think it could probably be found in Boots. I'll have to chick it out and see if the do different colours (I really do hope that they do). 

5) I have so many different colours of lipstick from the same brand that I never know where I last put them or where which one it. I normally try and take a strong and light colour to work so that i have an option if I wan't to change in the middle of the day. From the Natural Collection (again) this is a colour called Cedar. I like how this colour isn't to dark but you can still clearly see that you are wearing it. I love it, so far it is my most used for work.

6) When I start to draw on my eyebrows I don't normally use any pencils but I used my eyeshadow to give a nice natural look. I have also never really known what I look like with eyebrows so when I started drawing them on it came to a bit of a shock at how different I looked. We got this eyeshadow palette from Ebay as we found it was a lot cheaper to buy it on there.

7) The last thing I use when doing my makeup is the blusher that I got with a little christmas gift set. I don't always use it and I am thinking of changing to more of the powder blusher rather thank staying with this one. It does still look really good and lasts all day, that's really the main things that I wanted one for.

I do use other products as well as these but it can depend on what I'm doing in the day and where I'm going. The video below is posted on my YouTube channel from NOW!!!! Check it out at the bottom.

Thanks everyone, 
HailsExclusive xoxox 



This is just a quick post to let you know that I am going to try and finish a new blog post and video for you all tomorrow. I have a bit of time tonight to carry on working on it but I am really excited to reveal it to you all.

Today I have been at work all day and I am really trying to stay awake just to ensure this is perfect to publish tomorrow. I thought that a great way to keep myself motivated was to listen to some of my favourite songs on Spotify, here are my top 5 songs for today-

  ARMY- By Elle Goulding

STITCHES- By Shawn Mendes

SHES KINDA HOT- By 5 Seconds Of Summer

LOVE YOURSELF- By Justin Bieber


Let me know if you like any of these songs and which songs you would pick as your top 5 right now.
Thanks for reading everyone.

HailsExclusive xoxoxox

IM BACK!!! Xoxox

Hello everyone,

So I really wanted to start writing again to tell you more about what I have been getting up to so here goes nothing.

Yep I have now been the owner of an amazing Canon 750D Camera since my 19th birthday. This is now going to be the camera I will be filming all my videos on from now on.

As said in my video at the bottom of this post, all these small videos will be posted onto YouTube and I will try and post others too.

I know this post is really quick and short but I have loads and loads to tell you that I didn't want to post it all on here in one go.

Please check out this video and let me know what you think.

Much love always,
HailsExclusive xoxox

(I've missed saying that!)

Month Overview- Subjects

I can't believe how quick this last few months have gone by, so much has happened and I can't wait to tell you all about it. So with this post I am going to split it into parts making sure that I don't make this one post too long and boring.


College at the start of the month was mad, it was like everything was all left until the last minute and we had to rush everything to get it all done.


I have been to so many interviews over the past several weeks, we have officially lost count!
But after all those interviews and so many no's, one primary school said YES. In September I will now be working as a Business and Administration Apprentice.


The event it's self was amazing and I loved spending time with my youth group, but the weather was horrible. It rained and it was windy and cold, to be honest it was like winter!

During these next few posts I am going to give you tips on the subjects and what I did to prepare for them. I hope they will be able to help you in different ways to.
I am also really sorry that I haven't been able to write and share more with you all.

Love you all,
HailsExclusive xoxoxox

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